Six Sigma: Implementation in Other Fields

Six Sigma is a process originally developed for manufacturing and information technology. Six Cheap Real Madrid football shirts Sigma is a quality-control system, particularly suited to manufacturing, based in mathematics and statistics. The six sigma process is one close to perfection, statistically speaking 99.9997% of the manufactured products are required to be defect-free, that is 3.4 defects per million units produced. In Six Sigma process management, variation Cheap Manchester United football shirts is the enemy to cost effectiveness. Cut down on the variants of input to have a consistent quality output. For this to happen, regular data measurements are required for business to cheap football tops improve effectiveness. Six Sigma also holds that very few inputs have the greatest effect on the output. By focusing on these critical variables, the greatest improvements occur.

Many companies have successfully implemented Six Sigma in their industries including health care, financial management as well as the military. General Electric and Honeywell are two of the big Fortune 500 companies to find huge Cheap England football shirts savings and quality in their product lines because of Six Sigma. But what works in manufacturing and information technology doesn’t necessarily translate well for other industries. Sigma Six’s devotion to numbers leaves many feeling cold.

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Especially those businesses with a huge investment in customer service, like Home Depot. When Six Sigma was implemented, it did indeed improve the bottom line. But the drop in customer satisfaction was measurable. This shows the limits of Six Sigma’s numerical business methodology. As a Cheap AC Milan football shirts business tool, these real life cases underscore its usefulness as well as its shortfalls.

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